Tvbrussel is a regional television station in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Briefcommunication campaign.

First of all, we needed a good baseline. This resulted in a flexible baseline “20 years view to …”. This way, we could focus on different aspects of life in Brussels. (20 years view to Brussels, 20 years view to sports in Brussels, 20 years view to festivities in Brussels,…etc).
To go with the baseline, we designed a festive logo that turned the circular logo of tvbrussel into one of the eyes of the “2O years tvbrussel” mascot, which -of course- also spelled out the number 20.
In september 2013, tvbrussel existed 20 years. Of course, this couldn’t go by without a celebration. Different events were planned, so tvbrussel needed branding for their 20 years of existence + a


Advertising campaign
Tvbrussel also organized a photo contest. People could send in their best pictures of life in Brussels. The 20 winning pictures were then published in different media in the 20 years tvbrussel advertising campaign. All with their own version of the campaign baseline.


  • affiches_jpg_print_all.indd
  • affiches_jpg_print_all.indd
  • affiches_jpg_print_all.indd

A collage of the winning photos used in the advertising campaign.


Buttons and tote bag for the different activities


Flyer for the 20 years tvbrussel party


And even the Belgian prime minister congratulated tvbrussel with its birthday!

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