Cargo Vélo is a bike messenger company in Gent that specializes in heavy and big loads. To transport those exceptional loads, they use different special bikes, designed to carry loads up to 200 kilograms.

Sander, the owner of Cargo Vélo came to me with the assignment to create the brand for his (still nameless) starting business. He wanted it to be clear that his company could transport heavy loads. Also he wanted it to be clear that his bikes are very flexible in piling up different kinds and sizes of loads.

First of all, we wanted a great name for the business. After a couple of proposals I did, we decided to go for Cargo Vélo, which was a name Sander had been thinking about for some time. We decided it had everything in it we wanted (recognizable, to-the-point and it sounded friendly and fun). When it works, it works.

The logo itself is based on the idea of a puzzle of building blocks. The blocks form the bike, the load and the bike messenger as well. The puzzle idea also represents the flexibility of the bikes. We chose the classic geometric Futura type to fit the geometric shapes in the logo.
At the start of Cargo Vélo, we used the logo just in black and white with a minimal layout (see how we introduced the logo by building it up here). But we wanted extra visual elements that would make the brand recognizable on the street and in traffic. In traffic, we often see neon colours (on trucks, cyclists, cars …) for safety reasons. While they certainly draw the attention, neon yellow and neon orange can’t be owned by a brand so, because Cargo Vélo is a durable (green) company, we went for neon green as the accent colour.
The shape we use to go with the logo is based on a buckle of a bike messenger’s bag.

So if you see a neon green cyclist flashing by in Gent, you know that a big package is being delivered by a pair of strong legs of Cargo Vélo.

The Cargo Vélo folder, business cards and delivery receipts




Business cards


Delivery receipts


Messenger bag (embroidered)


Cycling gear (for the moment, the cycling caps are still a dream, we hope to change that soon)


One of the Cargo Vélo bikes, with branded aluminum case. And yes, it is true. Cargo Vélo can also deliver snow.


Brand New Award 2012 Winner!

The logo for Cargo Vélo was one of the winning logo’s in the Brand New Awards of 2012. The Brand New Awards is an annual judged competition that celebrates the best identity work produced around the world. The Brand New Awards are an initiative of the Brand New blog

All winners are featured in the Brand New Awards book.


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