Galerie Ganache Packaging Composition

Galerie Ganache is unique new shop, right in the center of Ghent, Belgium. It is part art gallery (Galerie) and part high-end chocolate shop (Ganache).
With Galerie Ganache, Annelies (the owner) wants to bring taste to Ghent.

For Galerie Ganache, FRED+ERIC developed the brand positioning, a logo with suiting brand identity, packaging and shop signage, outside as well as indoors.
The identity needed to reflect the refined taste of the shop, and had to work well with any art that would be displayed in the art gallery.

What we did
For every part of the project, we focussed on bringing the two main elements together.
The baseline for the shop, which also serves as the brand vision, states:
“The taste of the art. The art of taste.” (De smaak van de kunst. De kunst van de smaak)
The mark for Galerie Ganache combines the two G’s, and melts them together to one tasteful G.

The second element of the brand identity, is based on the beautiful, mirrored marble counter, which is the centrepiece of the shop. The mirrored pattern also symbolises the two elements, influencing each other.

galerie ganache window

Galerie Ganache Exterior

Galerie Ganache Sign

Galerie Ganache Counter (picture by Jeroen Brejou)Foto ©Jeroen Brejou

The packaging is a combination of the 2 main elements. A label with the logo and a label with the marble pattern, both goldfoil-stamped, allows for a dynamic packaging system that can be applied onto every possible packaging.

Galerie Ganache Boxes

Story telling
Galerie Ganache sells only the finest products, from the best makers. Their story also has to be told. This is done by small biographical cards that come with the tasty goods.

Galerie Ganache Marc Ducobu

An infinite version of the baseline on the ribbon reminds customers of what Galerie Ganache is all about.

Galerie Ganache Packaging label

Galerie Ganache Chocolate wrap

Galerie Ganache Chocolate paste

The Galerie Ganache gift cards:

galerie ganache gift card

A unique shop deserves a unique website. So, together with, our friend and co-worker at Studio Massis, we developed a website where a slider lets you switch between the art gallery content and the chocolate shop content.
The design and execution of this idea was beautifully done by

Visit the website here

Galerie Ganache website
Production credits
Lasercutting / milling of the logo on the shop sign:
Stickers (window + indoor signage):
Website design and coding:
Packaging labels: