Habbekrats was an antique shop like any other, but evolved into a vintage shop that also rents out the objects for usage in movie and theater productions during its 25 years of existence.

As the shop evolved, so did its goods, which became more and more valuable and rare. The untidy display of the goods, however, remained the same, thus contradicting customers’ expectations about the prices of the goods. On top of the messy display, there was the word Habbekrats itself, which means “a mere trifle” in Dutch and was to be shared with a youth shelter around the corner.

New Concept
Both the store’s activities, selling and renting out, imply that the customer is taken back in time by the vintage articles he/she buys or rents. The new concept and name of the store originate from the idea of time travel. ‘het tijdreisbureau’, the time travel agency, was born.

The logo
The logo and branding for ‘het tijdreisbureau’ are based on classic airline branding combined with typical elements of a regular travel agency. The logo is a fusion of the hands of a clock and a bird flying to the left and thus back into time.

The shop
The outside of the shop refers to a travel agency’s display window.


Shop signage
The frames in the window refer to the typical advertisements as seen in any travel agency’s display window.

Examples of advertisements 

  • Travel back in time with Sabena, Pan Am, Interflug…
  •  Lost your suitcase? Buy an old one here!
  •  Warning: return journeys not available.
  • Ask for our lost minutes: our cheapest trips to long lost times.

Shop door – opening hours.
The sign reads ‘openings times’ but is followed by a list of years that starts in 1985, when the shop first opened. In the fine print it says ‘during this period, het tijdreisbureau will be opened on….’, followed by the genuine time table.



The shop has been restyled completely on the inside as well. It shows more prestige, which fits the objects that are for sale in the shop better than it did before the restyling.

  • The sign above the shop owner’s desk says: “check-in desk”.
  • A time travel capsule was designed and installed in the shop. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work yet.
  • Small information signs are spread throughout the shop, stating ‘Questions on one of our time trips? Our crew is at your disposal.’
  • A clock in the shape of the logo, with a second hand that runs counterclockwise, is projected on the wall.

klok interieur

Printed matter

To complete the experience of buying a trip back into time, we designed a pochette which is handed out to customers as is done in travel agencies.
This pochette contains the business card and a gift voucher. Branded luggage labels serve as business cards.



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