Nicholas and Bruno are two brothers who have loved building tree houses ever since they were little. They became so good at it, friends and family were asking them to design tree houses for them.
More than ten years later, Nicholas and Bruno are still doing what they love. And they became even better at it.
Realizing they needed a more professional image to build a sustainable business out of their passion, they let FRED+ERIC help to design their brand. Together with Gorilla Webdesign, we built a professional but authentic brand for these passionate brothers.
The main problem of this project was that tree houses are often confused with just play houses for children, whereas Nicholas and Bruno build tree houses where the whole family (and friends) can enjoy the peace of being on your own.


The previous name for the business was “Boomhutten enzo” (“Tree houses and more”) and didn’t have any personality.
FRED+ERIC proposed the name “Hogerhuis”, which literally means “Higher house” and gives an extra dimension to tree houses, as they become proper secondary homes. Be it high up in the trees, away from everything.

Wordmark and monogram

Once the name had been decided on, we designed a simple, but very recognizable wordmark, accompanied with a monogram.
The wordmark literally takes you up high, to the (tree)house.
Because we needed the brand to appeal to adults as well, we decided we wanted a sophisticated look. This way it would immediately be clear that Hogerhuis is a company of experienced builders who take tree houses seriously.
The colour palette follows this approach with different shades of a soft darker blue.
The font used in the wordmark (and in other communications) is Brandon Grotesque, a geometric, but friendly font, thanks to its subtle rounded letters.





FRED+ERIC chose a hexagon shape for the business cards (as well as for the monogram). This shape represents a simplified tree house, as seen from the ground.
Since everything about Hogerhuis has to do with being higher than everybody else, FRED+ERIC made the business cards stick out a little from the normal size for business cards.
This way, their business card always catches the eye between other business cards.



To translate the branding for Hogerhuis to a good looking website, Gorilla Webdesign took care of the online part of the brand.
And good it looks, indeed! Check the website here.


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