tvbrussel is a regional television station in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

tvbrussel recently improved its website so you can access their news videos with your smartphone. And of course, we wanted to let people know.

Initially, tvbrussel was planning on doing a print campaign in local newspapers. So we tried to find a convincing message that would tell that watching the news anywhere you go, is an advantage. We soon came to the idea that people could literally watch the news where it had happened.
So instead of saying this, why wouldn’t we let people see that for themselves?
The idea was born to spread unique QR codes all over the city that are linked to a page which shows all news videos that were shot in that neighborhood. And so we did.

This is how it works

1. When you spot a tvbrussel Newsspot (a numbered tvbrussel branded sticker with a QR code), you pull out your phone and scan the QR code. In this case, we use newsspot nr. 44, which can be seen at STYX cinema.


2. The QR code links to u unique page where you can see the latest video shot at this location or neighborhood.


3. Watch the news right where it happened


On a simple landing page about this campaign, people get to see all newsspots spread around Brussels. Of course they can also explore the different web pages that are linked to them.


First of all, the mobile website of tvbrussel now has a lot of visitors. Next to that, this campaign has had a lot of success on many different levels.

  • tvbrussel is now visible everywhere in Brussels. We started with 200 newsspots, but because of popular demand, already 100 more were created.
  • partners and shop owners are asking for the newsspots themselves, because they get some publicity out of it as well.
  • we also made 5 pop-up newsspots that tvbrussel use to take with them if they have to report or sponsor an event.

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